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Main Admin

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PostSubject: THE BIG OLE BOOK O RULES   Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:40 pm

Here you can find all the rules of this forum and some. Since this Forum is just starting out, you should expect that there will be many changes! Please check back every few weeks just in case a new rule has been posted or any changes to current rules were made.


1 - NO TROLLING, SPAMMING OR CYBERBULLYING. This is strictly forbidden and should never ever happen, especially cyberbullying. Anyone caught doing this will receive an email warning, if they continue they're account will be DELETED. No exceptions.

2 - RESPECT OTHERS. Everyone wants to feel welcome here. Don't ruin a friendly environment by insulting others and such. This applies TO ALL members!!

3 - HAVE A PROBLEM? Contact an Admin via PM. This is for any problems you may encounter upon exploring the forum, such as problems with images or inappropriate posts.

4 - NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. If we find that you are using more than 1 ACCOUNT, then both accounts will be DELETED.

5 - DO NOT USE OTHER PEOPLE'S ACCOUNTS. We won't have none of the "My cousin said I can use it." or "He/She gave me permission!" Just make your own account! It's easy!

6 - POST IN DESIGNATED CATEGORIES/TOPICS. This will just make things a lot easier. If you have a suggestion for a new category or topic, then look for a SUGGESTIONS POST ((Explained below))

7 - GOT A SUGGESTION? From time to time, we'll post a suggestion post! This is for members to get a say in the changes and evolution of this forum.

8 - INACTIVITY. There will likely be members who have signed up, but are never active. These members take a lot of space. If you are inactive for over 4 months, you will receive a warning. 5 months is account deletion. Please try your best to stay active!

9 - PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES. We understand that sometimes you can just have those random days where you're not feeling too well or just having a rough day. That will not be an excuse to not follow the rules. Breaking the rules will result in Strike 1, followed by Strike 2, followed by Strike 3. After Strike 3 the Admins will take a vote whether to delete your account or not.


1 - Before you begin Roleplaying, you will first have to make a character! We ask that you please follow the format! Once  you're done, an Admin or Mod will come by to check and accept it. If it doesn't meet the certain requirements, then the Admin or Mod will ask you to make adjustments or changes. Don't feel down, just keep on trying!  

2 - Please do not Roleplay in the Chatbox! It might be annoying when you're trying to talk with your friends with some weird Roleplay going on

3 - Literacy! Please try your best to be literate!

4 - Typos aren't on purpose, but try your best to correct any you see before you post!

5 -  No chat speak. People don't walk around saying "Ttyl bby!" and "lol omfg!" Please take the few seconds to write out the entire sentence please!

6 - No power playing or godmodding! I think this one is simple enough to understand. Don't trap a character into having to do something. Don't control another person's OC or canon. This also ties with character death. I know there isn't death in Pokemon, but some people might want to make dramatic Roleplay or something. Please ask first before doing anything serious to anyone else's character.

7 - You CANNOT create canon characters (Characters that already exist) to roleplay with. Please create your own original character in OC Creation.

8 - You are only allowed to have 6 CHARACTERS on 1 ACCOUNT. Yes you can make multiple characters, but only on 1 account. Up to 6. They must be APPROVED CHARACTERS also.

9 - Do NOT make an OC that is a replica of a canon. This is practically stealing someone else's work. Please, make your own OC, not a copy of a canon. If we believe your character is too similar, we will notify you and ask you to make changes. If you don’t cooperate, we’ll simply delete the thread.

10 - Please keep public Roleplaying at an appropriate level. In other words, no public Adult content. Keep that stuff in PM. Keep all public Roleplays at a PG 13 level.


1 - The Chatbox is for members to communicate with each other, NOT FOR ROLEPLAYING. Yes we understand that this is a Roleplaying site, but keep the RPing in posts, not the CB.

2 - If you have the feeling to just let everything out AKA vent out, then the CB is not the place. Some people might not want to hear that. In hopes of avoiding that problem, vent out at the Venting Station or if you're not comfortable with venting out publicly, then go to a friend and speak to them in PM.

3 - Mods and Admins, this rule is specified to you: No abusing powers. Admins and Mods have the ability to clear the chatbox, kick out a user, and even ban members at their whim. We ask that you DO NOT overuse those abilities. If there is a user who is causing trouble, talk to the staff before deciding to ban them. If there is an argument or a conversation that the members want to be cleared, SAVE the conversation and send it to an Admin. That way if people start accusing others, evidence isn’t wiped clean.

4 - Continuing on with the above rule, if anyone is having a problem with another user and there is an argument in the CB, take it out of the CB and move to PMs or some other form of communication. The CB is not a battle zone. If you don’t want your conversation in public or saved and sent to an Admin, take it elsewhere.

5 -  Lastly, try to not use a color, font size, or font style that is hard to read. We ask this simply for the benefit of everyone. Let's not strain our eyes!

Hopefully you're not all tired out from reading all of that. We thank you for taking your time and reading these rules carefully.

Some rules came from http://durarara.forumotion.com/ , an inactive roleplaying site. Credit for those rules go to them

~ If you have any more questions about these topics, please ask the Admin or a Mod ~
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