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 Lyston Mallary

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Fish Out of Water
Fish Out of Water

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PostSubject: Lyston Mallary   Lyston Mallary Icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2015 9:18 pm

Name: Lyston (Lie-Ston) 'Lithp' 'Glag' Mallary

Age: 14

Birthday: November 30

Gender: Wouldn't you like to know? It's either or, but one must judge for themselves.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height and Weight: 98 lbs, 62 in.

Occupation: None. Though, some may argue hair stylist and makeup artist.

Appearance: Lithp's outward appearance may vary drastically from time to time, but she always maintains a sense of fashion. His androgynous, lanky figure allows almost any persona to be pasted onto his features; One day she could be a pretty schoolgirl, and the next a rag-and-tumble boy with grass stains on his eyebrows. She has sandy blonde hair down to her jaw that she can manipulate in so many ways it's not even funny, and owns a good-sized wardrobe of a great many costumes. His face is partially round, slightly heart-shaped with a smallish nose and either dramatic-looking or mischievous eyebrows, but makeup can mold and change most anything so that's not a good definitionfor any of them, really.
Overall, the only way to keep this kid apart from the masses in one's head is to recognize her gait- She almost always walk with her hands in her pockets, and has a funny rhythm to her footsteps, almost like a dance.

Personality: Glag is a child of many faces and places- He seldom stays the same or in the same place, and if a profoundly good actor. He claims sometimes to have had his original personality sucked out by a ghost-type. But, he is generally charming, and her silliness is quite uplifting at times. Given the chance he's a good friend to anyone who deserves it, and when it comes to his pokemon he's the best of friends. He has a strange streak, though, and this reflects in her costume choices more often than not, and always in the way he names pokemon.
Her skills aren't just for her own pleasure, though, as she can also use them to entirely disguise herself from prying eyes, is is surprisingly soft-footed. This makes her a good spy for anyone who has a good enough reason, be the person evil or kindly. His qualms about morals are flimsy at best.

Pokemon: A Ditto by the fabulous name of Mantyr If. It generally takes the shape of normal types when it's not around any other pokemon, and it has a fantastic memory when it comes to recalling pokemon' general shapes- Though, they're always flawed, more rounded and never with the right eyes. It's a perky pokemon, and loves Lyston to the grave.

Likes: His interests include FASHION IN GENERAL, though not SHODDY ATTEMPTS AT IT, and is often found to REBUKE THOSE LESS PRIVILEGED when it comes to style sense. Otherwise, she loves DRESSING UP IN FANCY FINERY and NORMAL-TYPE POKEMON, as well as DISGUISES FOR THE PURPOSE OF ESPIONAGE.
(( If you don't understand the joke set for Neo, it's okay. ))

Dislikes: People who think they're better than everyone else, people who have prejudices against certain pokemon types (or people), and people with no sense of fashion.

Motivation: To become the most grand fashionista/disguise artist the world has ever seen!

Other: Yes, this character is a partial reflection of myself :3
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Main Admin
Main Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Lyston Mallary   Lyston Mallary Icon_minitimeWed Feb 04, 2015 5:07 pm

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Lyston Mallary
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