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 Suzan von krael

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PostSubject: Suzan von krael    Suzan von krael  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 05, 2015 3:26 pm

Name: Suzan Von Krael.

Age: Biological? Nineteen. Mental maturity? Twenty-four.

Birthday: She refuses to say, but the date is the second of August.

Gender: Female. Identifies as female.

Sexuality: Pan-Pokesexual. She's only ever felt attraction to pokemon.

Height and Weight: She's 5'3 and weighs just under one hundred and ten pounds.

Occupation: On a technicality, she owns an abandoned metalworking plant.

Appearance: Suzan dresses like a soldier. Specifically, a German soldier from the year 1916. Her family blood runs pretty far back, she had a crumbling kit from a grandfather who served in The Great War. She reconstructed it, and promptly began to wear it, much to the dismay of her parents. She sees it as a flair of personality, her parents view it as a brilliant way to be called something she's not and get arrested. She dresses in a drab gray tunic, with matching grey trousers that tuck into her mid-calf reaching leather boots, shined to blind. On her back is a heavy, bulky pack, that has everything from a bayonet to a shovel to a metal can to her canteen. She has a bolt-action rifle, a Gewehr 89 to be exact, but the firing pin has been removed. That bayonet's still sharp though, and considering that the whole shebang stands as tall as she does, boots off? Yeah. Dangerous. On her head is a stahlhelm. No, it's not a freakin' nazi helmet. It's an imperial German helmet from the year 1916.

Personality: Cold. Very, very cold. Despite the interesting way she chooses to dress, her personality has sometimes been described as non-existant. That is, of course, told by the people she's battled against. She's ice-cold and brutal when it comes to battles. If you actually manage to befriend her? You'll need to chain her down to keep her from buying you the whole bar. Because that's a fun part; she's an alcoholic. When she's not doing the odd job for cash or walking around dressed as a soldier, she's either asleep, drunk, on a firing range, or is relaxing with her team.

Pokemon: Level five Snivy. Gentle natured.

Likes: Her outfit, booze, her friends, and her team.

Dislikes: Being confused for a soldier thirty years ahead, being threatened, not having enough money for a shot of gin.

Motivation: Her grandmother starved to death when she was six. She vowed never to be poor enough to not be able to afford food. As such, she went into the one thing her family knew how to do: Fighting. But instead of beer bottles and televisions, she fights with pokemon.
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PostSubject: Re: Suzan von krael    Suzan von krael  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 8:42 pm

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Suzan von krael
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