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 Nagito Komaeda

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PostSubject: Nagito Komaeda   Nagito Komaeda Icon_minitimeFri Feb 13, 2015 9:51 pm

Nagito Komaeda Komaed10

Name: Nagito Komaeda

Age: 16

Birthday: April 28th

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height and Weight: 5'9"  143 lbs.

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Nagito has white, messy and long hair that reaches up to his shoulders. His eye color is a light gray he often has a smile on his face. He wears a white plain shirt with a red symbol on it with a dark green coat over it. Red design marks appear on his right shoulder and on the back of his coat. Nagito's coat ends in sort of a pixely fashion just below his knees. His slacks are black but are slightly faded by age and wears a chain that runs from the back to the front of them with a small skull charm attached to it.
He usually wears the same coat, occasionally he'll wear a different colored tee-shirt, but that's just about it.

Personality: Nagito's personality may at often times be unpredictable. However, the rest of the time he is kind and friendly. Sudden outbursts of anger or sadness may occur, but they're not common, at least that's what he believes. He has an odd obsession with Dark-Type Pokemon and continues to imagine that he can talk with them telepathically. He is seen as crazy or insane to others, but doesn't mind one bit, as they'll all become slaves to the new world. The one that will be built under king Komaeda.
Many people do not live to see it, but Nagito has a very violent side to him. He is accountable for many murders throughout the Unova region, though the police are able to find no evidence against him. He will still be able to keep a calm head on him in any dire situation. Death is not something to be scared of after all.

Spiritomb/Shade - Female - Lv 5 - ConfuseRay/ShadowSneak/Pursuit/Curse

Likes: His big warm coat, Shade, his Spiritomb, and mostly everyone he comes across upon and doesn't kill.

Dislikes: Getting blood stains on his nice coat, missing dinner or any meal, and losing hope.

Motivation: The sole purpose of becoming the ruler of the Pokemon world is enough motivation for Nagito. For Arceus, he often says. Is is not hesitant to crush anyone that comes across his path of destruction.

Other: OOC - You all can probably tell I had fun with this one. Don't worry, I won't make him OP ;^)
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Nagito Komaeda
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