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 I do hope I'm doing this correctly..Please let me know if I'm not!

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Fish Out of Water
Fish Out of Water

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PostSubject: I do hope I'm doing this correctly..Please let me know if I'm not!   Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:17 pm

Name:[ Micah Aronos]

Age:[ 19]

[b]Birthday:[ July 27]

[b]Gender:[ Male]

[b]Sexuality:[Demiromantic and Demisexual] ((Optional))

[b]Height and Weight:[5 foot 5'', 160 lbs]

[b]Occupation:[ None] ((Optional. Does your character have a job of some sort? Is he/she part of a villainous team?))

[b]Appearance:[ He has an olive complexion, and is lean from swimming and kick boxing. Micah has neck-length, curly, inky hair that likes to frame his face in curls, and  almond shaped, "sleepy" eyes the color of chocolate brown. He has a couple of brown freckles on his arms and chest, but none on his face nor his hands.

He has slightly small ears, and a strong narrow nose. He has a two inch wide dark brown birthmark on his lower back in the shape of a heart. He wears dark blue jeans, light brown hiking boots,a red-white-and blue plaid collared shirt and a denim jacket.] ((1 to 2 paragraphs))

[b]Personality:[ Micah is very amicable towards others, however he is very guarded when it comes to his feelings. He is always ready for a good battle, and firmly believes that no matter who walks away victorious, everyone is a winner. He can be quite talkative in regards to Pokemon, and is very, very kind to them. He is clueless about love, and is poor at giving advice about it.

He is good at cheering people up, however, and will never lie to you. He is always there to lend a hand, but is slow to ask for help himself. He loves to explore, and is a recreational Pokemon sketch artist.] ((1 to 2 paragraphs))

[b]Pokemon:[ A level 5 male Shinx named Raylux-or just 'Ray' for short. Raylux's moves: Tackle, Spark, Discharge, and Bite] ((YOU ONLY GET ONE POKEMON. You're just starting out, so hold your horses. You will be able to capture Pokemon once your application is accepted. Info and rules on capturing Pokemon are under Rules and Information. Your Pokemon must be a BASIC LEVEL 5 Pokemon of your choosing. [b]No Legendaries, No Shinies

Likes:[ traveling with Raylux outside its ball, drawing sketches of local wildlife, battling, training, watching Pokemon contests and battles ] ((3 minimum))

[b]Dislikes:[ abusive trainers, bad weather, and soda-he's more into waters and tea, sexism, 'your mom' jokes, and overall rudeness] ((3 minimum))

[b]Motivation:[ Micah is motivated to travel and see the wonders of the Earth and to sketch its Pokemon into his books to keep/sell/show to others.] ((What motivates your character?))

[b]Other:[ Micah really looks up to Pokemon Rangers and the Police.] ((Anything else we should know?))
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Main Admin
Main Admin

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PostSubject: Re: I do hope I'm doing this correctly..Please let me know if I'm not!   Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:37 pm

Welcome to Pokemon Roleplay!
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I do hope I'm doing this correctly..Please let me know if I'm not!
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