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 OC Submission: Trainer Vanil

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Main Moderator
Main Moderator

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PostSubject: OC Submission: Trainer Vanil   Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:19 pm

Name: Vanil Dowyn

Age: 15

Birthday: 11th November

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height and Weight: 157cm, 45kg

Occupation: Trainer

Appearance: She has red-orange hair which is normally in a ponytail. Vanil also has red eyes to match. Her skin is fair.
Vanil wears a long, white button-up coat with a hood. The hood itself has two bunny ear-like extensions with two red stripes going down each of them. Under this, she wears a red singlet and denim shorts. For footwear, she has black leather boots.
In addition, she always has a clip of a rabbit's face in her hair to keep her bangs from covering her face.

Personality: Vanil has a lot of energy and it practically radiates from her with contagious cheerfulness. Unfortunately and unusually, her moods aren't usually consistent and can change with her mood swings; one day she could be extremely happy about what has happened. The next day she could lose her vitality and become rather bored or even depressed for little to no reason.
This aside, she enjoys other people's company to a great extent and has a great knack (in great irony) in empathizing with people she knows. For this reason, she can easily get attached to friends and acquaintances.
On another note, her feelings are hurt easily, and people who put her down or criticize her can easily see that side of her.

Pokemon: Bagon

Likes: Rabbit and bunny themed things, red, sweet things, puns, music,

Dislikes: Heights, some Bug Pokemon like Spinarak and Ariados, her mood swings, cold places,

Motivation: Vanil doesn't have much of a motivation when it comes to training and Pokemon yet. So far, she figures that taking the gym challenges and attempting to become the best she can be is the way to go, but it's nothing special. She's hoping on her journey that she can find some other greater purpose to training than the usual.

Other: There isn't much else. Her family is pretty normal and have encouraged her to go on a journey with Pokemon.
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Main Admin
Main Admin

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PostSubject: Re: OC Submission: Trainer Vanil   Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:49 pm

Approved ~

I need to make a better approval stamp
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OC Submission: Trainer Vanil
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